Popular vinyl fabric colors

Popular vinyl fashions and colors for this season.An one of the ultimately versatile materials of fashion, vinyl offers designers the freedom to create inspired and unique garments with for example artificial leather and latex sheeting, as well as follow the more established fashion trends set out by the fashion industry.

This year, the fashion colors are defined by women’s need for sensible and practical clothing while still fulfilling their desire for adventurous and new colors.  According to Leatrice Eiseman, the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, “Building on the color palette from spring, this season’s offerings include innovative takes on fundamental basics, as well as transporting, lively colors that conjure images of travel and adventure, whether real or aspirational.”

As always, artificial leather and latex sheeting is available in the more conventionally used colors, as well as the new fall 2010 color palette.  For this fall, the fashion industry is still cautious with colors, somewhat subdued by the ongoing recession.  However, the economy can’t repress our need for beauty and excitement, and an exciting blend of colors and color combinations inspired by film animation is available not only in mainstream fashion, but also for designers who work with artificial leather and latex sheeting.

One of the most vibrant and exciting colors in latex sheeting and artificial leather this fall is Lagoon, this season’s variant of turquoise.  Imagine wearing a Lagoon latex catsuit to make a big splash on your next night out!  Lagoon is also this season’s prime choice for accessories such as artificial leather handbags, totes, shoes and purses.

Popular colors for this years vinyl fabrics.Also available in latex sheeting and artificial leather is Exotic Purple Orchid, an almost fuchsia purple, that combines with Elegant Chocolate Truffle, a rich brown, to create a magical and luxurious look.  For the more adventurous among us, Woodbine, a purer avocado green, can be worn as a single color or paired to Exotic Purple Orchid and Elegant Chocolate Truffle.  Golden Glow, a deep yellow, offers an earthy feeling when worn alone, but when combined with Purple Orchid or Woodbine results in a fun 70s retro feel.

Staying in the sunset colors, Living Coral is a warm orange with a hint of pink, while Rose Dust, a deep beige, offers a more romantic look that will work beautifully for an elegant artificial leather jacket.  Lipstick Red is a dramatically sensuous red that we predict will be a favorite in all levels of fashion, from the catwalk to the clubs.  One of the most invigorating colors for this fall is Crisp Endive, a yellow-green.  Grounding all the colors of this fall/winter palette in Oyster Gray, a lighter form of gray that brings a more elegant and serious touch to any of the other colors, whether they’re used in artificial leather or latex garments.

As always, these new fall colors are available in many different textures and prints when used for artificial leather and latex sheeting.  However, subculture styles are likely to stay with their favorites: black latex sheeting has always been a staple for both the punk and fetish communities.

However, combined with brighter colors, or the new Exotic Purple Orchid or Lipstick Red will offer a new view on already eye-catching styles.  Black latex catsuits with Purple Orchid trims, or artificial leather corsets in black with a Crisp Endive accent are more than likely to be spotted at the next Fetish Ball.

And who could forget about Halloween?  For your Halloween costume this year, consider letting your creativity out on some silver latex sheeting to create a futuristic, alien look.  Or create a wildly fantastic mask and headdress from a matte black artificial leather to hide none of your enthusiasm for your next Masquerade!

Vinyl fabric ideas for the home

Vinyl pillow case2010 is the year that is starting to move individuals, companies, and the government into more eco-conscious initiatives.  Whether it is producing more fuel efficient cars, organic growing, or simply materials used in everyday production the world is starting to see a shift towards more sustainable production.  Vinyl has become a major part of this movement.  Faux leather or vinyl, as it is better known, has an array of uses from fashion to interior design.  Vinyl products come in all different colors, textures, and looks.  Many times one can not distinguish the difference between a vinyl recliner and a leather recliner.

This year has brought a plethora of ideas on vinyl design and innovation.  Newer technologies have brought the production of vinyl to a newer higher quality level.  Many vinyl products are now preferred over their animal hide counterparts.  With the influx of PETA and other organizations into the mainstream, individuals are learning and finding that vinyl is one of the best high quality alternatives to leather.

There are many different designs, colors, and textures that vinyl can be sold in: patent vinyl, matte vinyl, faux leather, stretch vinyl, etc.  Patent vinyl is most notably used in the manufacturing of shoes and boots for women.  Patent vinyl can also be used in decorating the home.  Patent vinyl can be used with all this seasons hottest interior design colors to make simple throw pillows that accentuate the pieces around them and attract attention from curious guests.  Like this yolk yellow throw pillow idea from FurnitureHomeDesign.com, using one of the palette colors for the home living 2010/2011 Fall Winter trends.  This is a wonderful conversation piece, and a great idea to use in any color that will complement the surrounding well.

Upholstering a recliner is one of the best ways to use vinyl efficiently and properly, because recliners get a lot of abuse from daily sitting and eating.  When the recliner is made out of leather, eventually the leather will begin to crack and fall apart due to continuous wear and tear, not to mention a spilt drink or two.  With the look and feel of true leather faux leather exceeds expectations.  If you can’t tell the difference, then why let anyone else know?  In its simple black gray coloring, you can not go wrong with this recliner.

Vinyl has so many different yet functional options for the truly eco-savvy individuals.  For example, why spend $3,000 on a leather upholstered bed, when you can nearly half that or do it yourself with a sexy chic vinyl bed?  Using inexpensive patent vinyl fabrics from the fabric store and a little imagination, you can turn your simple bedroom into a sexy boudoir.  Accentuate with vinyl throw pillows or simple duvet cover.

Vinyl headboard for bed.There are so many stylish and hot ticket items that vinyl can be used for, and many of them are so quick and easy to design and produce that you can do-it-yourself.  Another hot item this season is vinyl wall coverings.  Long gone are the days of simple paints and wallpaper.  It’s time to take your walls and put them in 3-D.  Using laser cut vinyl, this unique functional wall covering is the perfect addition to any modern home giving a pop and sizzle that you can feel good about.  Featuring multiple pockets and slots, this wall covering is multipurpose for storing magazines and reading material for guests.  Even a smaller size functional vinyl wall covering can be given as a gift to any college student or be used in a reception area for east access to media and not to mention sleek modern style that is sure to bring clients back again and again.   Just simple modern designs with vinyl wall coverings are a great alternative to paints and wallpapers that are so 2-D.

There are many new inexpensive modern and stylish ways to use vinyl fabrics in interior design.  When choosing your next addition to your home, why not take that tired old ottoman and spruce it up with a turquoise vinyl fabric, or add a few hot patent vinyl throw pillows?  Even when investing in a new piece of furniture be eco-conscious and ask what the upholstery is made out of and choose vinyl as your economical and ecological alternative.

Celebrities wearing vinyl fabrics


Lady gaga wearing latex.Vinyl is back and bigger than ever!  Celebrities from movies to music have been seen wearing the newest and hottest faux leather fashions.  From Lady Gaga and Rihanna to Christina Aguilera and Miley Cyrus, stars are embracing the newest leather look trend for this coming Fall 2010 season with faux leather stage outfits and daywear.  The leather look: head to toe, futuristic, bold geometric patterns, rocker chic, high thigh cuts, and many leatherette accessories.

The biggest musical personality making a statement with head turning faux leather looks is Lady Gaga.  Lady Gaga’s style has inspired an multitude of new fashion creations and a new fashion craze for the wild, sexy, and mysterious.  Lady Gaga’s awe inspiring ability to step out in the public eye in outfits of tight vinyl has taken to shoppers and celebrities all over the world.  This Fall season do not be surprised when a friend or neighbor is walking around in faux leather leggings.  Lady Gaga’s wild and sexy style is bringing vinyl clothing retailers and designers out into the public light.

Lady Gaga’s style has created a new life for many designers whose lines are more futuristic and more daring than ever before.  Brand name designers such as Falguni, Shane Peacock, and Alexander McQueen are creating out of this world bodysuits and dresses to appeal to the tastes of Ms. Gaga.  These designers’ new found inspiration is now becoming lesser known designers’ line to the mainstream.  Lesser known designers who use high quality vinyl fabrics are beginning to make their presence known.  Everyday individuals are looking for those inexpensive looks similar to Ms. Gaga’s that can only be found in high volume and in a good variety in lingerie or fetish shops.

Manufacturers of vinyl fabrics are going to be seeing increasing demand for more yards of vinyl fabric as more and more celebrities are starting to become more comfortable with those daring Gaga inspired styles.  Case in point, Rihanna and Miley Cyrus: Rihanna’s wardrobe has taken on a life of its own during this year.  Rihanna seems to have taken a page out of Lady Gaga’s styling handbook; wearing futuristic geometric shaped vinyl clothing meant to not only shock, but to empower.   Rihanna can be seen wearing this look mostly onstage, while she tones it down for the streets.  On the streets, however, do not expect to see Rihanna with a wholesome girl next door look, because she still keeps it rocker chic with faux leather leggings and hot accessories.

Miley Cyrus, triple threat music, television, and movie star is only 17, but is growing her style to rival that of her peers.  This style consists of a number of faux leather goods, be it patent vinyl leggings, little short jumpsuits made of imitation leather, and many accessories.  As her style grows these elements are then translated to a much younger audience than those of Lady Gaga and Rihanna, inspiring a new generation to go ahead and take a chance with their wardrobe.

Christina Aquilera is another celebrity that has brought out vinyl fashions in her performances and media.  In her latest music video I’m Not Myself Tonight, there is example after example of sexy, hot, and functional faux leather wear.  She can be seen wearing a see-through vinyl raincoat, a patent vinyl corset and cat-suit, and other pieces made from vinyl fabric.

Vinyl is no longer seen as some unpleasant cheap material.  Vinyl is instead seen as a wonderful and cost effective alternative to expensive leather goods.  Not to mention, leather has specific care and protection guidelines that need to adhered to in order to keep it supple and in good order.  If you even think about walking in the rain or accidentally dropping your leather item in water, you will be met with an unsightly cracked and crinkled effect.  It is much simpler to throw on a pair of inexpensive vinyl leggings and go out and about town without a care in the world, than to go out in $200 leather leggings that you fear will become damaged.  Once an item like leather is damaged it is very hard to repair.

Parents and children both can now enjoy this surge of younger stars embracing the Gaga vinyl trend and trust that their youngsters will not only be hip and stylish but also be able to not fret over a spilt drink or dropped food as it any mess simply washes off the vinyl fabric.

The new styles of Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, and Miley Cyrus are not only catching, but are going to be part of the Fall 2010 seasons looks.  Leather is expected to carry on from the 2009 season and be reinvigorated this season with fun color palettes, and more interesting uses, keep a watchful eye out!

Fall faux leather fashions


This Fall 2010 season will be ripe with an abundance of leather wear, carrying on all those great leather pieces from the 2009 season.  Leather wear will be big in not only accessories, but also in pants, jackets, and all over.  The leather look is carried on into the 2010 season; the only problem with this ever growing trend is the leather part.

Leather is expensive and needs to be cared for properly to ensure quality and longevity.  The best alternative to animal derived leather is fake leather.  Fake leather, the term sounds so daunting, like some cheap plastic-like material that only deviants would even fathom to wear.  However, faux leather or vinyl (synonyms for fake leather) have become the terms of choice when talking about the hottest look alternatives for this season.

High quality faux leather is not only inexpensive and washable, but is also very similar in texture and look to that of your typical leather item.  Patent vinyl can be seen in use in high thigh boots, sexy pumps, handbags, and the essential Fall piece: patent vinyl leggings.  Patent vinyl and matte vinyl look very similar, if not exactly, like their leather counterparts.  They can even fool the most scrupulous of eyes.  Leggings in general have taken on a bigger role in fashion over the past couple seasons, and will be no different this season.

This season’s colors for faux leather will be a drastic change from those of 2009.  Fall 2009 was full of neutral and earth toned colors; 2010 will focus more on darker deeper colors that have a more mysterious and shadowy feel.  These deeper colors will reflect well with the rest of this season’s trends.  As subtle and more feminine looks have been seen along many of the runways this season, this will give the opportunity to mix and match. Mix your sexy vinyl statement pieces with some lacy wonders for a bold look.  For men, add a hot updated version of the flight jacket in mahogany browns, slate grays, and simple black for a bold vintage look that is sure to turn heads.  Ladies, accessorizing with hot thigh-high boots in a wide range of this season’s deeper toned colors will surely bring some spice to any outfit.

Now, what kind of deep color palettes are we suggesting?

Funky colors: Enjoy the main color palette of vinyl fabrics with deep blue, bright coral, sea green, bright true blue, sunny yellow, bright vibrant green, light gray, yolk yellow, and muted orange.  This wide choice of colors for this specific type of fabric is a bit more vibrant and up beat to the other color trends this season.  Expect to see statement pieces and wonderful highlights in these colors in this season’s vinyl fabrics.  This season’s vinyl fabrics, along with being vibrantly colors, will feature glittery sheen, metallic composition, and laser cut out fashions.

Reds with warmth: The luxurious touch of red is definitely one of the main colors for this season. Therefore, investing in some red hued faux leather leggings or a cute vinyl military jacket will be a perfect way to start the Fall season off right.  Deep wine, burgundy, fiery and bold reds will be a major color palette amongst the faux leather looks of the season.  Golds, coppers, and even salmon pinks will complement these bolder red looks.  This palette will be seen in more specifically in crushed vinyl, velvety faux leathers, and faux leathers with more classical grains.

Smokey colors: Slated grey will make a big appearance this season in faux leather.  Slated grey will be accompanied with muted teal, sea blue, and mauve to make a wonderful complement.  The impulse buys of this season will be closely related to the texture and feel of faux leather items from this palette.

Simple opposites: Black and white, deep royal blue, plum, arctic blue, and muted peach are colors that will be seen in mostly patent and matte vinyl fabric.

Nocturnal: If you are more into the deep mysterious look choosing from deep nocturnal palettes involving deeper matte blacks, deep purples, slate grays, and bright inky blues.  Highlight any main piece in the nocturnal palette with more vinyl or soften it with garnet, gold, light pink, bright monster green, and copper.

Don’t forget that all those great pieces from 2009 can still be used to full effect in 2010! As the economy has shifted down many designers have realized the uses of reusing old items as new.  How could anyone want to get rid of those hot faux leggings?  They are simply as great of an addition, and are as multifaceted as jeans.  The way old items can get a new life is through the addition of more colorful pieces in a wider range of colors as opposed to the simplicity and neutral aspects of the 2009/2010 season.

There are many ways to style looks from this season with reusing classic looks from last season giving last seasons items a renewed energy with invigorating colors and inexpensive high quality faux leather goods you can’t  go wrong.

1970′s vinyl fashions


Rudi Gernreich revolutionized fashion of the free love carefree era including vinyl fashions.  Most famous for his topless bathing suite, Rudi was the first designer to incorporate vinyl into his clothing line in the 1960s.  These vinyl creations were mostly see-through skirts, tight body hugging outfits and skirts all designed to meet his ultimate goal of creating a unisex line.

Immediately his creations became a big hit amongst women who were finding their sexuality, and becoming less afraid to explore new ideas and new fashions.  Rudi would experiment with different fabrics to create one-of-a-kind pieces such as using clear vinyl as stripes in a dress.  This style of designing also made him the first designer to incorporate cutouts in a clothing line.

Rudi Gernreich’s statement in the 1960s-1970s with his clothing lines were a freeing of the female body.  For hundreds of years the female form had been subjected to tightening corsets, forming bras and clothing into the ideal body shape.  What Gernreich did was to take that ideology and throw it out the door by showing women of the time that they should be happy and love their bodies for the way they are.  The women of the 1960s and 1970s needed to feel that female empowerment and Gernreich only furthered this by injecting androgyny to his designs making them appealing to both women and men.

While the 1960s saw a fascination with vinyl daring see-through pieces, the 1970s were all about breathability and flow.  After the 1960s, shoppers were tired of wearing pieces that made them sweat excessively, and they searched for alternatives.  Many turned to laced tops and sheer dresses with flowing hems and sleeves.  Vinyl did still, however, have its place even amongst the free-flowing attitude of the 1970s.

Disco wear, much like Go-Go Dancer wear of the 60s, was meant to shine and be noticed amongst the strobe lights of a disco club.  This is where patent vinyl fabric came in the handiest.  Vinyl clothing largely became replaced by polyester, but the essential disco boot was never with out the finishing touches of patent vinyl.

Patent vinyl platform shoes were a big hit in the disco scene.  Not only were the vinyl shoes cheaper than leather, they were also more reflective than that of animal-hide leather.  In order to get into the discos individuals had to meet the required dress code.  This usually meant some sort of bellbottom pant, jacket and shirt, gold chain or jewelry, and vinyl platform boots for both men and women.  In order to increase the shine effect, shoppers would purchase not only the platform shoes, but also vinyl purses and accessories.

The 1970s eventually gave way to the Punk era where vinyl elements took favor.  Faux leather clothing, due to its inexpensive nature, was preferred by those individuals who enjoyed the punk rock scene, because leather was far more expensive than most young people could afford.  Punk rockers generally wore vinyl jackets, tight vinyl bondage style pants, large military style boots, and Doc Martens.

The punk era in the mid 1970s was short lived, but the more mainstream fashion ideologies did have a lasting effect on punk fashion.  Gernreich’s introduction of unisex clothing designs translated into the punk category as well.  Men began wearing tattered and torn tight vinyl pants and getting facial piercings just like their female counterparts continuing this ambiguity.

Vinyl wear has stood the test of time from its first introduction in the 1960s to the multitude of uses for it today.  Faux leather has greatly impacted the fashion and music industry.  Case in point, KISS, the legendary rock band from the 1970s who made their mark by wearing bold face makeup and tight fitting vinyl and leather pants, shirts, and even bat wings.  KISS inspired a whole new generation of rockers to adopt this makeup and vinyl and leather trend creating glam rock in the late 1970s and on into the 80s.

Vinyl fashions began as a liberating statement for both men and women equally.  Its origin may have been intended for the era of free love, but it has spanned generations and has jumped from culture class to culture class to become a big part of the Fall Winter 2010/2011 fashion season.

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