Goth Vinyl Fashion

“Goth” has a connection to morbidity, the dark side, but it actually is a genre that takes the things not usually spotlighted, and concentrates on the deeper and complex elements in their makeup. It’s an organic theme, containing beauty in the things that make up nature.

gothic jacketGoth is also sexy, hands down. Modern twists on the gothic culture, like “dominatrix,” help keep gothic fashions alive, and useful fabrics (vinyl, for example) keep things interesting. The main color schemes are usually somber; blacks, dark purples, maroon, etc., but that’s not to say that other colors cannot be implemented. Surely, there are goth fashions that can get away with using brighter colors.

One of the examples is a dress from the “Night Circus.” It is split between black and white, emphasizing dark and light. It resembles the duality of the black swan, with feather like shapes, created from hand gloves. The material used to make the costume appears as a vinyl or faux leather. It also incorporates a “flapper” theme from the 1920’s. It is elegant, creative, and goth.

vinyl goth dress

Corsets are a classic fashion, and they are still being made today. Not only for lingerie, but as accessories or mid-pieces on dresses, or worn with skirts, pantyhose, and leggings. Patent vinyl is shiny, glossy. For things like corsets, they are best shown off with those elements. The sleek exterior emphasizes the feminine body, bringing attention to curve and form. Surprisingly, corsets match with long sleeved, button up blouses.

Cosplay is an active, costume-based performance. Superhero and comic books fans have comic-con, while those who are more or less interested in adding their own individuality to costumes, have cosplay. A common genre is goth because of its rich history in fairy tales, stories, even Disney movies.

goth corsetThe costume part can be used loosely, though, because some of the things people wear are suitable for day-to-day attire. Something like a vinyl skirt jacket is an appropriate visual. It would make for a great fall/autumn piece, and it can be worn with or without pants, leggings, stockings, etc. Such an outfit would use matte vinyl because it is duller, not meant to attract so much attention. A matte finish is more open to the vast color spectrum, as well.


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