Vinyl Jeans


Some people want their teeth to shine, and others, their jewelry. But there are those who simply want their jeans to gleam. For them, vinyl fabric is a treasure. Good thing a large ship and scavenger hunt is not necessary to find the materials to make vinyl jeans. They’re only a few mouse clicks away.

black, patent vinyl jeansVinyl fabric comes in finishes that range from the extremes of dull (matte) to slick (patent). If a polished exterior is the goal, then patent vinyl is the way to go. When vinyl was first introduced as a fabric, and to the fashion world, it was a symbol of sexual appeal because of how gripping the material is on skin. A lustrous appearance heightens the effect of such. Hence, why rock stars love wearing articles like vinyl jeans on and off the stage. On a man, it comes off as tough, like a rebellious biker. On a woman, it flirts with onlookers.

All fabrics have their pros and cons. With vinyl, there are alternating limits concerning stretch and feel. Patent vinyl is barely stretchy, but, like pleather, it is waterproof and water resistant. Pleather is like patent leather, which can also be called “shiny leather.” Its high gloss shine used to be made from oils, but plastic produces the same effect. Shiny leather has a little more leeway when it comes to flexibility. For those people who want the outside elements of vinyl, without committing to the regulations of the fabric, shiny leather, or patent leather, is a worthy ally.

metallic silver, patent jeansThe whole point behind vinyl jeans is showing off a certain look. While patent vinyl may be physically restrictive, it is definitely an entertaining material to work with and wear. Right now, the hottest styles seem to stem from the playfulness of the 80’s; neon colors, vivacious textures, etc. Vinyl jeans are an awesome combination of those fun components, and hopefully, will never go out of style.


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