Vinyl Fashions for Cooler Weather


Fall is coming into season, and hopefully the leaves will be riddled with all sorts of different colors. While it is a cooler time, it’s also an opportunity to wear some accessories and materials not usually worn in the summer. Things like boots and gloves get to be brought out and worn again. One of the better fabrics used to make these items is vinyl because of the many ideal elements it holds.

black vinyl jacket

This plastic-based material has many talents. People use it to reupholster bar stools, headboards, make aprons and tablecloths. It’s a smart investment in terms of longevity and easy maintenance, which is also why current clothing and accessories utilize its abilities.

Gloves, for example, that have an exterior made from vinyl have a sturdy grip and are usually water resistant; rational for weather that could include snow. Gloves serve no purpose if they don’t keep fingers and hands warm, but because vinyl is a thicker material, it’s like wearing the coziness of leather. Hats are also another accessory that can be incorporated into the ensemble of accessories included.

Along with the hands and head come the feet. Boots are a common shoe alternative when the cold approaches. Some are knee high, which a shinier vinyl (patent) would show nicely with. Or there are those lined with feather, but have a leather like finish (matte). Snowboarders even wear boots made from vinyl, and they don’t look too shabby for the common joe or jane, either. black vinyl leggings

Everything from jackets to leggings to scarves is made from this material. Neutral colors seem to work better with it, but there are plenty of texture, pattern, and color choices in stock. Plastic based fabrics are cheaper to buy than other common supplies, and they can be worn again and again. For those who make their own clothes, it’s an advantageous material. For the other shoppers, it makes the spending a bit more worth it.


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