Vinyl couture

black vinyl leggingsVinyl fabric has only been used in fashion for about half a century, but it has become a staple in the clothing culture during its short lifetime. In the 60s, it started being incorporated into the fashion world and market. The material was used in a time when “free love” also meant an exposition of the physical human body. It’s no wonder as to why vinyl is always grouped into the “sexy” category.

Clothes like transparent skirts and tight, body-hugging outfits were being produced and bought. For example, Nancy Sinatra wore vinyl dresses complete with matching boots, which were made for walking. Her ensembles looked fresh, clean, and not terribly racy. Today, modern fashion designers still utilize a lot of vintage styles made from vinyl to come up with new ways and styles to implement it into their lines.

black vinyl varsity jacketA couple of the best things about vinyl: its dexterity and reliability. Clothing articles like raincoats, boots, and hats are durable, as well as stylish and inexpensive. Crafts also benefit from such a versatile material, which could translate into clothing accessories. A website called Etsy has sellers who take pride in the clothing they are selling. There are many items made out of vinyl, ranging from jackets to long skirts to catsuits.

Many combinations, from color to texture, can be made out of vinyl.  Other components, like fur, are easily combined with vinyl. Things like gloves or trooper caps, made with these materials in conjunction, are ideal for style and sensibility. Their textures are flirtatious; one being all about business, while the other is all show. The pictures shown will give an idea of the array of items being sold at

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