Musicians rocking snakeskin fabrics

baby pink vinyl dressCelebrities are supposed fashion deities, sporting the hottest fashions at the perfect times. From Cleopatra to Alice Cooper, we’ve copied what the stars wear. In the 70’s, it was ripped jeans, large tye dye t-shirts, and socks with holes in them. In the 90’s, this style came back but with a grunge twist. Fashion repeats itself, and in 2012, we are incorporating a lot from the past with a little from the present, using modern materials such as vinyl and pvc fabric.

Much of the celebrities whose closets are in high demand are musicians. Maybe because what’s worn on stage is not that different from what’s worn off stage. Iggy Pop is a symbol of tight, leather pants. Kiss represents vinyl to its highest. And today, we have singers, like Katy Perry, who wear dresses made out of pastel-colored pvc fabric. All of these musicians use their clothing as devices and expressions.

What they wear influences their fans. Fabrics like pleather, leather, pvc, and vinyl scream “rock star.” They carry attitude and can be mixed together to form a smash-hit outfit. Their textures blend with each other, each bringing something different to the table.

Rihanna wearing a pvc fabric outfitSinger, Rhianna, wearing a pvc fabric outfit. The glossy shine can highlight neutral colors, like black. Lady Gaga wearing a vinyl outfit. The somber finish of the fabric looks good, and is flattering to a longer skirt. Katy Perry wearing a baby pink dress made out of pleather. The color and finish match and make the dress subtle.

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