Vinyl Winter Fashions

Vinyl winter hat.As the weather changes and you begin to update your closet with fabrics to keep you warm through the winter, wool and cashmere become an integral part of every woman’s closet.  This winter, there will be a notable new addition to the cold weather family of fabrics: vinyl.

Cheryl Cole in PVC leggings

Cheryl Cole in PVC leggings

Although vinyl may not be the first fabric that comes to your mind when you think of winter clothing, celebrities have made the rocker chic vinyl look all the rage.  The best way to get the look is buy integrating a pair of vinyl leggings into your wardrobe, whether you want to go with a more subdued look like black, or go all out with the statement leggings by wearing one of the eye-catching neon or metallic pairs that only the bravest of vinyl lovers have dared to wear.

If you’re not quite prepared to tackle the somewhat daunting prospect of wearing vinyl leggings—which are actually far more flattering on the average person than one might assume—then you can incorporate the popular fabric through vinyl hats and other winter accessories.  Although the vinyl hat may not have the sex appeal that has garnered vinyl such immense popularity, it is a way to get the look at home if you trend towards the conservative end of the fashion spectrum.

Fully embracing the trend by pairing vinyl leggings with a vinyl trench coat and vinyl hat is certain to capture everyone’s attention and keep them transfixed by your shininess.  Winter is the best time of year to wear vinyl in public, since it gets hot during the summer months, so it is a great way to keep the sex appeal in your wardrobe when you have to start bundling up to keep warm and begin worrying more about practicality and less about sensuality.

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