Madonna’s Unforgettable Human Nature video

Madonna’s music video for “Human Nature” is truly unforgettable, featuring vinyl as a seductive central theme, appearing in every scene throughout the video.  Madonna herself wears an undeniably alluring black vinyl PVC jumpsuit, which the female backup dancers mirror in their variations on the look.  The male backup dancers writhe around a chained Madonna, reaching for her with black vinyl gloves and she appears in a PVC bikini that is truly daring.

Fused with the classic bondage elements of chains, riding crops, blindfolds, and stiletto patent vinyl boots, the edgy, sexy nature of vinyl clothing was forever cemented in the world’s collective cultural memory. Madonna has always been on the forefront of fashion and sexuality throughout her career, and the “Human Nature” video is no exception, showcasing a side of both fashion and sexuality that much of mainstream society had not yet been exposed to.

These seem fetish fabrics and looks remain popular today; however, they are more widespread than they were when Madonna shocked the world with the “Human Nature” video in 1995.  Now, these looks appear in the tours and music videos of just about every female pop artist or group, and wearing a PVC vinyl catsuit becomes a rite of passage on the way to stardom, with everyone from Britney Spears to Lady Gaga working the sexy look.

Shiny fashions may be wildly popular among celebrities, but they are still difficult to find for your average woman who does not have access to Hollywood stylists, making some knowledge of sewing and working with vinyl fabrics—or paying a seamstress who has the knowledge and experience—a must if you want to get a similar look at home.  By making the outfits yourself or having them custom-made for you, you are able to get the color that you want and the perfect fit so that you can rock the look in the same sexy way that Madonna did.

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