Cosplay inspired vinyl outfits

Vinyl fabric for cosplay.Cosplay is a movement that is gaining strength on an international level from Japan to the United States amongst individuals of all ages.  Donning your favorite character’s costume used to be solely reserved for Halloween, however, with cosplay conventions individuals are able to take their  old Halloween costumes out more than just for one holiday.  Cosplay costumes are derived from mainly anime, graphic novels, and of course movies; role playing has never been this much fun.

When you think about cosplay costumes that reflect your inner fantasies, you want to create something high quality that can withstand the beatings from repeated long term wear, and traveling to and from different conventions and parties.

Vinyl fabric cosplay costume.At cosplay conventions you are eating, drinking, and running around participating in all the various activities for different groups of cosplay fans.  Unlike cotton or polyester fabric based costumes, you do not have to worry about vinyl costumes becoming soiled, because they are easily hand washed and water / stain resistant.

Some of the most popular costumes for cosplay incorporate faux leather fabrics whether they are the main material for the costume or not.  It is a wonderful material for accessories and customizing, and though some cosplay costumes are easily obtained online, many of the outfits can be made at home.

For women and men there are numerous options available for those who want the durability and reliability of PVC costumes.  One option for women is Witchblade character Sara Pezzini, a sexy twist on her character’s look allows for a cosplay costume that is absolutely stunning; a fire engine red vinyl mini dress complete with color coordinated long gloves and thigh high boots, oh, and not to mention the Witchblade replica itself.

This sexy cosplay look can easily be created by either purchasing the patent vinyl items separately, as a whole, or simply using one’s own skilled hands.  The great thing about cosplay is that you do not have to be exactly replicating a character, as long as you are immolating that character in ways that are easily recognizable, being a little abstract in your representation is okay.

Catwoman vinyl fabric.A couple other great options for women are Catwoman, Cammy from Streetfighter, and Silk Spectre of the Watchmen.  These cosplay options are beautiful and powerful; who wouldn’t want to be Catwoman?  Catwoman is such a powerful image in itself that it would feel like an honor to wear a patent vinyl replica of the Catwoman costume to a cosplay convention.

Cammy  is a cute vinyl option for those looking for something a little less powerful yet still stiking.  A cute little electric blue bathing-suit styled outfit with a high collar.  Pair this outfit with a cute pair of bright red gloves, a red beret, and you have yourself a completed Cammy costume.  Silk Spectre is a great choice for a cosplay costume the fits between the power of Catwoman and the cute look of Cammy.  A great Silke Spectar cosplay costume is of yellow patent faux leather with black patent faux leather trimming and detailing, long vinyl gloves, and knee high patent PVC boots.

Mens vinyl cosplay costume.Men can enjoy many different styles of cosplay costumes as well.  A few options are: the Nite Owl from Watchmen, Pikachu from Pokemon, and D. Gray Man.  These cosplays are derived from different genres, and they all have very different yet interesting looks.  A Pikachu cosplay can go very cheesy and like a giant mascot costume or it can go to an over the top yet sexy look for men.

For those guys brave enough to dare, grab up a Pikachu costume that is only made of bright yellow short shorts with a lightning bolt tail attached, a pair of giant yellow patent vinyl boots, and a large Pikachu head mask.  Or get a little dark with Nite Owl, and create a one of a kind cosplay outfit that exudes power and strength.  This look can be completed with textured and padded matte vinyl in brown metallic with a Nite Owl helmet.  D. Gray Man is even more mysterious, with an all black patent faux leather dress-like uniform with flaring sleeves, and white vinyl accents.  This sexy and ambiguous cosplay costume is one that will have the ladies drooling.

Cosplay is all about having fun and finding those looks that no one else dares to try.  Even if you are new to the ideas of cosplay, check out a convention and you will see a multitude of high quality faux leather costumes that will far exceed your expectations.  Trust that the fans know a good quality costume when they see one.

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