Vinyl fabric ideas for the home

Vinyl pillow case2010 is the year that is starting to move individuals, companies, and the government into more eco-conscious initiatives.  Whether it is producing more fuel efficient cars, organic growing, or simply materials used in everyday production the world is starting to see a shift towards more sustainable production.  Vinyl has become a major part of this movement.  Faux leather or vinyl, as it is better known, has an array of uses from fashion to interior design.  Vinyl products come in all different colors, textures, and looks.  Many times one can not distinguish the difference between a vinyl recliner and a leather recliner.

This year has brought a plethora of ideas on vinyl design and innovation.  Newer technologies have brought the production of vinyl to a newer higher quality level.  Many vinyl products are now preferred over their animal hide counterparts.  With the influx of PETA and other organizations into the mainstream, individuals are learning and finding that vinyl is one of the best high quality alternatives to leather.

There are many different designs, colors, and textures that vinyl can be sold in: patent vinyl, matte vinyl, faux leather, stretch vinyl, etc.  Patent vinyl is most notably used in the manufacturing of shoes and boots for women.  Patent vinyl can also be used in decorating the home.  Patent vinyl can be used with all this seasons hottest interior design colors to make simple throw pillows that accentuate the pieces around them and attract attention from curious guests.  Like this yolk yellow throw pillow idea from, using one of the palette colors for the home living 2010/2011 Fall Winter trends.  This is a wonderful conversation piece, and a great idea to use in any color that will complement the surrounding well.

Upholstering a recliner is one of the best ways to use vinyl efficiently and properly, because recliners get a lot of abuse from daily sitting and eating.  When the recliner is made out of leather, eventually the leather will begin to crack and fall apart due to continuous wear and tear, not to mention a spilt drink or two.  With the look and feel of true leather faux leather exceeds expectations.  If you can’t tell the difference, then why let anyone else know?  In its simple black gray coloring, you can not go wrong with this recliner.

Vinyl has so many different yet functional options for the truly eco-savvy individuals.  For example, why spend $3,000 on a leather upholstered bed, when you can nearly half that or do it yourself with a sexy chic vinyl bed?  Using inexpensive patent vinyl fabrics from the fabric store and a little imagination, you can turn your simple bedroom into a sexy boudoir.  Accentuate with vinyl throw pillows or simple duvet cover.

Vinyl headboard for bed.There are so many stylish and hot ticket items that vinyl can be used for, and many of them are so quick and easy to design and produce that you can do-it-yourself.  Another hot item this season is vinyl wall coverings.  Long gone are the days of simple paints and wallpaper.  It’s time to take your walls and put them in 3-D.  Using laser cut vinyl, this unique functional wall covering is the perfect addition to any modern home giving a pop and sizzle that you can feel good about.  Featuring multiple pockets and slots, this wall covering is multipurpose for storing magazines and reading material for guests.  Even a smaller size functional vinyl wall covering can be given as a gift to any college student or be used in a reception area for east access to media and not to mention sleek modern style that is sure to bring clients back again and again.   Just simple modern designs with vinyl wall coverings are a great alternative to paints and wallpapers that are so 2-D.

There are many new inexpensive modern and stylish ways to use vinyl fabrics in interior design.  When choosing your next addition to your home, why not take that tired old ottoman and spruce it up with a turquoise vinyl fabric, or add a few hot patent vinyl throw pillows?  Even when investing in a new piece of furniture be eco-conscious and ask what the upholstery is made out of and choose vinyl as your economical and ecological alternative.

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