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This Fall 2010 season will be ripe with an abundance of leather wear, carrying on all those great leather pieces from the 2009 season.  Leather wear will be big in not only accessories, but also in pants, jackets, and all over.  The leather look is carried on into the 2010 season; the only problem with this ever growing trend is the leather part.

Leather is expensive and needs to be cared for properly to ensure quality and longevity.  The best alternative to animal derived leather is fake leather.  Fake leather, the term sounds so daunting, like some cheap plastic-like material that only deviants would even fathom to wear.  However, faux leather or vinyl (synonyms for fake leather) have become the terms of choice when talking about the hottest look alternatives for this season.

High quality faux leather is not only inexpensive and washable, but is also very similar in texture and look to that of your typical leather item.  Patent vinyl can be seen in use in high thigh boots, sexy pumps, handbags, and the essential Fall piece: patent vinyl leggings.  Patent vinyl and matte vinyl look very similar, if not exactly, like their leather counterparts.  They can even fool the most scrupulous of eyes.  Leggings in general have taken on a bigger role in fashion over the past couple seasons, and will be no different this season.

This season’s colors for faux leather will be a drastic change from those of 2009.  Fall 2009 was full of neutral and earth toned colors; 2010 will focus more on darker deeper colors that have a more mysterious and shadowy feel.  These deeper colors will reflect well with the rest of this season’s trends.  As subtle and more feminine looks have been seen along many of the runways this season, this will give the opportunity to mix and match. Mix your sexy vinyl statement pieces with some lacy wonders for a bold look.  For men, add a hot updated version of the flight jacket in mahogany browns, slate grays, and simple black for a bold vintage look that is sure to turn heads.  Ladies, accessorizing with hot thigh-high boots in a wide range of this season’s deeper toned colors will surely bring some spice to any outfit.

Now, what kind of deep color palettes are we suggesting?

Funky colors: Enjoy the main color palette of vinyl fabrics with deep blue, bright coral, sea green, bright true blue, sunny yellow, bright vibrant green, light gray, yolk yellow, and muted orange.  This wide choice of colors for this specific type of fabric is a bit more vibrant and up beat to the other color trends this season.  Expect to see statement pieces and wonderful highlights in these colors in this season’s vinyl fabrics.  This season’s vinyl fabrics, along with being vibrantly colors, will feature glittery sheen, metallic composition, and laser cut out fashions.

Reds with warmth: The luxurious touch of red is definitely one of the main colors for this season. Therefore, investing in some red hued faux leather leggings or a cute vinyl military jacket will be a perfect way to start the Fall season off right.  Deep wine, burgundy, fiery and bold reds will be a major color palette amongst the faux leather looks of the season.  Golds, coppers, and even salmon pinks will complement these bolder red looks.  This palette will be seen in more specifically in crushed vinyl, velvety faux leathers, and faux leathers with more classical grains.

Smokey colors: Slated grey will make a big appearance this season in faux leather.  Slated grey will be accompanied with muted teal, sea blue, and mauve to make a wonderful complement.  The impulse buys of this season will be closely related to the texture and feel of faux leather items from this palette.

Simple opposites: Black and white, deep royal blue, plum, arctic blue, and muted peach are colors that will be seen in mostly patent and matte vinyl fabric.

Nocturnal: If you are more into the deep mysterious look choosing from deep nocturnal palettes involving deeper matte blacks, deep purples, slate grays, and bright inky blues.  Highlight any main piece in the nocturnal palette with more vinyl or soften it with garnet, gold, light pink, bright monster green, and copper.

Don’t forget that all those great pieces from 2009 can still be used to full effect in 2010! As the economy has shifted down many designers have realized the uses of reusing old items as new.  How could anyone want to get rid of those hot faux leggings?  They are simply as great of an addition, and are as multifaceted as jeans.  The way old items can get a new life is through the addition of more colorful pieces in a wider range of colors as opposed to the simplicity and neutral aspects of the 2009/2010 season.

There are many ways to style looks from this season with reusing classic looks from last season giving last seasons items a renewed energy with invigorating colors and inexpensive high quality faux leather goods you can’t  go wrong.

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