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Lady gaga wearing latex.Vinyl is back and bigger than ever!  Celebrities from movies to music have been seen wearing the newest and hottest faux leather fashions.  From Lady Gaga and Rihanna to Christina Aguilera and Miley Cyrus, stars are embracing the newest leather look trend for this coming Fall 2010 season with faux leather stage outfits and daywear.  The leather look: head to toe, futuristic, bold geometric patterns, rocker chic, high thigh cuts, and many leatherette accessories.

The biggest musical personality making a statement with head turning faux leather looks is Lady Gaga.  Lady Gaga’s style has inspired an multitude of new fashion creations and a new fashion craze for the wild, sexy, and mysterious.  Lady Gaga’s awe inspiring ability to step out in the public eye in outfits of tight vinyl has taken to shoppers and celebrities all over the world.  This Fall season do not be surprised when a friend or neighbor is walking around in faux leather leggings.  Lady Gaga’s wild and sexy style is bringing vinyl clothing retailers and designers out into the public light.

Lady Gaga’s style has created a new life for many designers whose lines are more futuristic and more daring than ever before.  Brand name designers such as Falguni, Shane Peacock, and Alexander McQueen are creating out of this world bodysuits and dresses to appeal to the tastes of Ms. Gaga.  These designers’ new found inspiration is now becoming lesser known designers’ line to the mainstream.  Lesser known designers who use high quality vinyl fabrics are beginning to make their presence known.  Everyday individuals are looking for those inexpensive looks similar to Ms. Gaga’s that can only be found in high volume and in a good variety in lingerie or fetish shops.

Manufacturers of vinyl fabrics are going to be seeing increasing demand for more yards of vinyl fabric as more and more celebrities are starting to become more comfortable with those daring Gaga inspired styles.  Case in point, Rihanna and Miley Cyrus: Rihanna’s wardrobe has taken on a life of its own during this year.  Rihanna seems to have taken a page out of Lady Gaga’s styling handbook; wearing futuristic geometric shaped vinyl clothing meant to not only shock, but to empower.   Rihanna can be seen wearing this look mostly onstage, while she tones it down for the streets.  On the streets, however, do not expect to see Rihanna with a wholesome girl next door look, because she still keeps it rocker chic with faux leather leggings and hot accessories.

Miley Cyrus, triple threat music, television, and movie star is only 17, but is growing her style to rival that of her peers.  This style consists of a number of faux leather goods, be it patent vinyl leggings, little short jumpsuits made of imitation leather, and many accessories.  As her style grows these elements are then translated to a much younger audience than those of Lady Gaga and Rihanna, inspiring a new generation to go ahead and take a chance with their wardrobe.

Christina Aquilera is another celebrity that has brought out vinyl fashions in her performances and media.  In her latest music video I’m Not Myself Tonight, there is example after example of sexy, hot, and functional faux leather wear.  She can be seen wearing a see-through vinyl raincoat, a patent vinyl corset and cat-suit, and other pieces made from vinyl fabric.

Vinyl is no longer seen as some unpleasant cheap material.  Vinyl is instead seen as a wonderful and cost effective alternative to expensive leather goods.  Not to mention, leather has specific care and protection guidelines that need to adhered to in order to keep it supple and in good order.  If you even think about walking in the rain or accidentally dropping your leather item in water, you will be met with an unsightly cracked and crinkled effect.  It is much simpler to throw on a pair of inexpensive vinyl leggings and go out and about town without a care in the world, than to go out in $200 leather leggings that you fear will become damaged.  Once an item like leather is damaged it is very hard to repair.

Parents and children both can now enjoy this surge of younger stars embracing the Gaga vinyl trend and trust that their youngsters will not only be hip and stylish but also be able to not fret over a spilt drink or dropped food as it any mess simply washes off the vinyl fabric.

The new styles of Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, and Miley Cyrus are not only catching, but are going to be part of the Fall 2010 seasons looks.  Leather is expected to carry on from the 2009 season and be reinvigorated this season with fun color palettes, and more interesting uses, keep a watchful eye out!

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