Goth Vinyl Fashion

“Goth” has a connection to morbidity, the dark side, but it actually is a genre that takes the things not usually spotlighted, and concentrates on the deeper and complex elements in their makeup. It’s an organic theme, containing beauty in the things that make up nature.

gothic jacketGoth is also sexy, hands down. Modern twists on the gothic culture, like “dominatrix,” help keep gothic fashions alive, and useful fabrics (vinyl, for example) keep things interesting. The main color schemes are usually somber; blacks, dark purples, maroon, etc., but that’s not to say that other colors cannot be implemented. Surely, there are goth fashions that can get away with using brighter colors.

One of the examples is a dress from the “Night Circus.” It is split between black and white, emphasizing dark and light. It resembles the duality of the black swan, with feather like shapes, created from hand gloves. The material used to make the costume appears as a vinyl or faux leather. It also incorporates a “flapper” theme from the 1920’s. It is elegant, creative, and goth.

vinyl goth dress

Corsets are a classic fashion, and they are still being made today. Not only for lingerie, but as accessories or mid-pieces on dresses, or worn with skirts, pantyhose, and leggings. Patent vinyl is shiny, glossy. For things like corsets, they are best shown off with those elements. The sleek exterior emphasizes the feminine body, bringing attention to curve and form. Surprisingly, corsets match with long sleeved, button up blouses.

Cosplay is an active, costume-based performance. Superhero and comic books fans have comic-con, while those who are more or less interested in adding their own individuality to costumes, have cosplay. A common genre is goth because of its rich history in fairy tales, stories, even Disney movies.

goth corsetThe costume part can be used loosely, though, because some of the things people wear are suitable for day-to-day attire. Something like a vinyl skirt jacket is an appropriate visual. It would make for a great fall/autumn piece, and it can be worn with or without pants, leggings, stockings, etc. Such an outfit would use matte vinyl because it is duller, not meant to attract so much attention. A matte finish is more open to the vast color spectrum, as well.


Vinyl Fashions for Cooler Weather


Fall is coming into season, and hopefully the leaves will be riddled with all sorts of different colors. While it is a cooler time, it’s also an opportunity to wear some accessories and materials not usually worn in the summer. Things like boots and gloves get to be brought out and worn again. One of the better fabrics used to make these items is vinyl because of the many ideal elements it holds.

black vinyl jacket

This plastic-based material has many talents. People use it to reupholster bar stools, headboards, make aprons and tablecloths. It’s a smart investment in terms of longevity and easy maintenance, which is also why current clothing and accessories utilize its abilities.

Gloves, for example, that have an exterior made from vinyl have a sturdy grip and are usually water resistant; rational for weather that could include snow. Gloves serve no purpose if they don’t keep fingers and hands warm, but because vinyl is a thicker material, it’s like wearing the coziness of leather. Hats are also another accessory that can be incorporated into the ensemble of accessories included.

Along with the hands and head come the feet. Boots are a common shoe alternative when the cold approaches. Some are knee high, which a shinier vinyl (patent) would show nicely with. Or there are those lined with feather, but have a leather like finish (matte). Snowboarders even wear boots made from vinyl, and they don’t look too shabby for the common joe or jane, either. black vinyl leggings

Everything from jackets to leggings to scarves is made from this material. Neutral colors seem to work better with it, but there are plenty of texture, pattern, and color choices in stock. Plastic based fabrics are cheaper to buy than other common supplies, and they can be worn again and again. For those who make their own clothes, it’s an advantageous material. For the other shoppers, it makes the spending a bit more worth it.


Vinyl Jeans


Some people want their teeth to shine, and others, their jewelry. But there are those who simply want their jeans to gleam. For them, vinyl fabric is a treasure. Good thing a large ship and scavenger hunt is not necessary to find the materials to make vinyl jeans. They’re only a few mouse clicks away.

black, patent vinyl jeansVinyl fabric comes in finishes that range from the extremes of dull (matte) to slick (patent). If a polished exterior is the goal, then patent vinyl is the way to go. When vinyl was first introduced as a fabric, and to the fashion world, it was a symbol of sexual appeal because of how gripping the material is on skin. A lustrous appearance heightens the effect of such. Hence, why rock stars love wearing articles like vinyl jeans on and off the stage. On a man, it comes off as tough, like a rebellious biker. On a woman, it flirts with onlookers.

All fabrics have their pros and cons. With vinyl, there are alternating limits concerning stretch and feel. Patent vinyl is barely stretchy, but, like pleather, it is waterproof and water resistant. Pleather is like patent leather, which can also be called “shiny leather.” Its high gloss shine used to be made from oils, but plastic produces the same effect. Shiny leather has a little more leeway when it comes to flexibility. For those people who want the outside elements of vinyl, without committing to the regulations of the fabric, shiny leather, or patent leather, is a worthy ally.

metallic silver, patent jeansThe whole point behind vinyl jeans is showing off a certain look. While patent vinyl may be physically restrictive, it is definitely an entertaining material to work with and wear. Right now, the hottest styles seem to stem from the playfulness of the 80’s; neon colors, vivacious textures, etc. Vinyl jeans are an awesome combination of those fun components, and hopefully, will never go out of style.


Musicians rocking snakeskin fabrics

baby pink vinyl dressCelebrities are supposed fashion deities, sporting the hottest fashions at the perfect times. From Cleopatra to Alice Cooper, we’ve copied what the stars wear. In the 70’s, it was ripped jeans, large tye dye t-shirts, and socks with holes in them. In the 90’s, this style came back but with a grunge twist. Fashion repeats itself, and in 2012, we are incorporating a lot from the past with a little from the present, using modern materials such as vinyl and pvc fabric.

Much of the celebrities whose closets are in high demand are musicians. Maybe because what’s worn on stage is not that different from what’s worn off stage. Iggy Pop is a symbol of tight, leather pants. Kiss represents vinyl to its highest. And today, we have singers, like Katy Perry, who wear dresses made out of pastel-colored pvc fabric. All of these musicians use their clothing as devices and expressions.

What they wear influences their fans. Fabrics like pleather, leather, pvc, and vinyl scream “rock star.” They carry attitude and can be mixed together to form a smash-hit outfit. Their textures blend with each other, each bringing something different to the table.

Rihanna wearing a pvc fabric outfitSinger, Rhianna, wearing a pvc fabric outfit. The glossy shine can highlight neutral colors, like black. Lady Gaga wearing a vinyl outfit. The somber finish of the fabric looks good, and is flattering to a longer skirt. Katy Perry wearing a baby pink dress made out of pleather. The color and finish match and make the dress subtle.

Vinyl couture

black vinyl leggingsVinyl fabric has only been used in fashion for about half a century, but it has become a staple in the clothing culture during its short lifetime. In the 60s, it started being incorporated into the fashion world and market. The material was used in a time when “free love” also meant an exposition of the physical human body. It’s no wonder as to why vinyl is always grouped into the “sexy” category.

Clothes like transparent skirts and tight, body-hugging outfits were being produced and bought. For example, Nancy Sinatra wore vinyl dresses complete with matching boots, which were made for walking. Her ensembles looked fresh, clean, and not terribly racy. Today, modern fashion designers still utilize a lot of vintage styles made from vinyl to come up with new ways and styles to implement it into their lines.

black vinyl varsity jacketA couple of the best things about vinyl: its dexterity and reliability. Clothing articles like raincoats, boots, and hats are durable, as well as stylish and inexpensive. Crafts also benefit from such a versatile material, which could translate into clothing accessories. A website called Etsy has sellers who take pride in the clothing they are selling. There are many items made out of vinyl, ranging from jackets to long skirts to catsuits.

Many combinations, from color to texture, can be made out of vinyl.  Other components, like fur, are easily combined with vinyl. Things like gloves or trooper caps, made with these materials in conjunction, are ideal for style and sensibility. Their textures are flirtatious; one being all about business, while the other is all show. The pictures shown will give an idea of the array of items being sold at

Vinyl Winter Fashions

Vinyl winter hat.As the weather changes and you begin to update your closet with fabrics to keep you warm through the winter, wool and cashmere become an integral part of every woman’s closet.  This winter, there will be a notable new addition to the cold weather family of fabrics: vinyl.

Cheryl Cole in PVC leggings

Cheryl Cole in PVC leggings

Although vinyl may not be the first fabric that comes to your mind when you think of winter clothing, celebrities have made the rocker chic vinyl look all the rage.  The best way to get the look is buy integrating a pair of vinyl leggings into your wardrobe, whether you want to go with a more subdued look like black, or go all out with the statement leggings by wearing one of the eye-catching neon or metallic pairs that only the bravest of vinyl lovers have dared to wear.

If you’re not quite prepared to tackle the somewhat daunting prospect of wearing vinyl leggings—which are actually far more flattering on the average person than one might assume—then you can incorporate the popular fabric through vinyl hats and other winter accessories.  Although the vinyl hat may not have the sex appeal that has garnered vinyl such immense popularity, it is a way to get the look at home if you trend towards the conservative end of the fashion spectrum.

Fully embracing the trend by pairing vinyl leggings with a vinyl trench coat and vinyl hat is certain to capture everyone’s attention and keep them transfixed by your shininess.  Winter is the best time of year to wear vinyl in public, since it gets hot during the summer months, so it is a great way to keep the sex appeal in your wardrobe when you have to start bundling up to keep warm and begin worrying more about practicality and less about sensuality.

Madonna’s Unforgettable Human Nature video

Madonna’s music video for “Human Nature” is truly unforgettable, featuring vinyl as a seductive central theme, appearing in every scene throughout the video.  Madonna herself wears an undeniably alluring black vinyl PVC jumpsuit, which the female backup dancers mirror in their variations on the look.  The male backup dancers writhe around a chained Madonna, reaching for her with black vinyl gloves and she appears in a PVC bikini that is truly daring.

Fused with the classic bondage elements of chains, riding crops, blindfolds, and stiletto patent vinyl boots, the edgy, sexy nature of vinyl clothing was forever cemented in the world’s collective cultural memory. Madonna has always been on the forefront of fashion and sexuality throughout her career, and the “Human Nature” video is no exception, showcasing a side of both fashion and sexuality that much of mainstream society had not yet been exposed to.

These seem fetish fabrics and looks remain popular today; however, they are more widespread than they were when Madonna shocked the world with the “Human Nature” video in 1995.  Now, these looks appear in the tours and music videos of just about every female pop artist or group, and wearing a PVC vinyl catsuit becomes a rite of passage on the way to stardom, with everyone from Britney Spears to Lady Gaga working the sexy look.

Shiny fashions may be wildly popular among celebrities, but they are still difficult to find for your average woman who does not have access to Hollywood stylists, making some knowledge of sewing and working with vinyl fabrics—or paying a seamstress who has the knowledge and experience—a must if you want to get a similar look at home.  By making the outfits yourself or having them custom-made for you, you are able to get the color that you want and the perfect fit so that you can rock the look in the same sexy way that Madonna did.

Rock Stars wearing vinyl

Kiss rocks out in vinyl costumes.

Kiss rocks out in vinyl costumes.

PVC and rockers have gone together since the dawn of the modern rock star, with shiny PVC fashions adorning everyone from Motley Crue to KISS to Poison.  KISS used PVC in their elaborate costumes and Bret Michaels squeezed himself into the tiniest of vinyl outfits for a rock and roll sex appeal look.

Over time, the look has evolved into new incarnations with people like Madonna and the Spice Girls adopting the look into their own sexy styles. Today’s pop divas have made PVC a central part of their wardrobe on stage and beyond in music videos and personal appearances, wearing it completely differently than rock stars and pop stars of the past.

Katy Perry’s love for the fabric is well-known, taking the traditional hard edge off of the fabric with whimsical and girlish touches like ice cream cones and palm trees.  She wears the glossy fabric just about everywhere that she goes and has a PVC dress in every color imaginable, often using a soft, Palm Beach style palette of pastels, with mint green, pink, and baby blue.  In other appearances, she has donned vinyl for a red and white diagonally striped human candy cane look and a half American flag, half Union Jack dress while in London.

Katy Perry in shiny tight viny.

Katy Perry in shiny tight viny.

Katy Perry is not the only female pop star with a new take on the classic material; Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Nicky Minaj have made the fabric uniquely their own, doing everything from performing on stage to meeting the Queen of England in their shiny fashions.  Although most people do not have much in common with celebrities, a love for these shiny fashions is spreading the world over, with people wearing PVC and vinyl looks to parties, nightclubs, and wherever they are going that they want to make a statement and look like a rock star.

Mainstream celebrities & vinyl fabrics

Beyonce in yellow vinyl dress.

Beyonce in yellow vinyl dress.

Mainstream celebrities are increasingly representing a sexy and bold look in movies, television, and music.  What is this sexy and bold look?  It is that of couture vinyl fashion.  Vinyl has hit the runways and the red carpets this year with a smash.  Styles range from the vinyl chic to the most couture vinyl fashions.

Celebrities all over the world are embracing the leather-look trends of this year, and transforming them into vinyl material which makes these looks all the more edgy and stylish.  Anyone can go out and purchase a leather jacket or pants, but it takes confidence and a sexy attitude to step out in some of the tightest PVC garbs.

This growing vinyl trend amongst celebrities that spans every genre allows everyday individuals to recognize the multifunctional use of vinyl materials.  No longer is vinyl reserved for strippers and stage entertainers, it can now be seen on the streets on individuals of every type.

The greatest thing about vinyl couture on celebrities is that these high end vinyl fashions that may cost a couple thousand dollars can be easily translated into an item of the same high quality PVC fabric and cost about half or even less than that of the haute couture designers.

Some of the most highly searched celebrities that have been seen wearing vinyl include

katy perry wearing matte vinyl for maxim

Maxim shoot of Katy Perry in matte vinyl.

Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Rihanna, and Christina Aguilera.  These songbirds, however, are not the only celebrities that can be seen sexing it up in a vinyl outfit: Eva Longoria, Olivia Wilde, Kelly Brook, Katherine Jenkins, Kim Kardashian, and many more celebrities from every part of the entertainment world have been seen either performing, walking down the red carpet, or going about their day-to-day lives in only the hottest vinyl wears.

2010 has been host to the development of vinyl’s rebirth, and it is here to stay.  Using fashion houses like that of Alexander McQueen and Atsuko Kudo, some of the most avant-garde Lady Gaga styles have transformed to fit not just the looks of more traditionally stylish celebrities, but have also given roots to the branches of the entertaining styles of Rihanna, Katy Perry, Christina Aguilera, and Beyonce.

Rihanna was one of the first to take up the vinyl reigns from Lady Gaga, but instead of going in the Lady Gaga direction, Rihanna created a look of rocker meets the future and has used vinyl from head to toe in both her onstage and personal wardrobe.

christina aguilera in shiny vinyl.

Christina Aguilera in shiny vinyl.

Christina Aguilera was initially seen as the girl who stole Lady Gaga’s look, but her wet PVC styles have their own sexy twist.  Christina derives her vinyl style from the fetish genres that have long been deemed the only suitable place to wear and design vinyl clothing.  However, Ms. Aguilera has made it a point to push the envelope long before the Gaga universe appeared.  Wearing sexy vinyl one-piece suits and catsuits, vinyl collars, and even sexier lingerie inspired vinyl clothes; X-Tina’s look is one for the books.  The power that Christina exudes from these tight wet PVC looks is something that should be aspired by all who dare to wear vinyl.

Katy Perry and Beyonce have taken an even more different route with their vinyl couture, and having a little more fun with it.  The vinyl wears of these two gorgeous celebrities are full of eye catching colors, and pays homage to the chic and sexy styles of the 40s and 50s.Katy Perry is often seen wearing one-piece wet vinyl suites that fun and exciting.  From her American flag themed one-pieces, to her recent spread in Maxim Magazine, Katy Perry knows how to do vinyl up and perky as well as down and sexy.

Beyonce, in her Green Light music video showed some sexy yet conceivable ways to wear vinyl and not be too over the top as well as some options for the more daring.  Her white patent vinyl top with paired short shorts made a cute look that could be great for summer time, and her black wet PVC catsuit with the vinyl covered highest high heels on the market made for a vinyl look that was both daring and out of this world. Another fun vinyl outfit is the one Beyonce wears in the Telephone music video with Lady Gaga, this bright yellow patent vinyl knee length dress that is so sexy yet conservative that anyone who loves to wear bright colors would enjoy.

Rihanna's vinyl leggings.

Rihanna's vinyl leggings and look for less.

With the help of genius fashion designer Atsuko Kudo, more and more are the fashions of vinyl becoming more multifunctional and multidimensional.  Hopefully our wonderful celebrities will continue to grace the magazines with PVC wears that the public can enjoy as well.

It is these artists that we have to think for bringing designers like Atsuko Kudo out of the purely fashion knowledgeable crowd and bringing it to everyday individuals who want to immolate their favorite stars.    Doing so, with these sexy vinyl creations that can be accomplished by skilled seamstresses, your every day plane Jane can transform into a confidently beautiful woman with the help of vinyl fashion, and without the steep cost.

Cosplay inspired vinyl outfits

Vinyl fabric for cosplay.Cosplay is a movement that is gaining strength on an international level from Japan to the United States amongst individuals of all ages.  Donning your favorite character’s costume used to be solely reserved for Halloween, however, with cosplay conventions individuals are able to take their  old Halloween costumes out more than just for one holiday.  Cosplay costumes are derived from mainly anime, graphic novels, and of course movies; role playing has never been this much fun.

When you think about cosplay costumes that reflect your inner fantasies, you want to create something high quality that can withstand the beatings from repeated long term wear, and traveling to and from different conventions and parties.

Vinyl fabric cosplay costume.At cosplay conventions you are eating, drinking, and running around participating in all the various activities for different groups of cosplay fans.  Unlike cotton or polyester fabric based costumes, you do not have to worry about vinyl costumes becoming soiled, because they are easily hand washed and water / stain resistant.

Some of the most popular costumes for cosplay incorporate faux leather fabrics whether they are the main material for the costume or not.  It is a wonderful material for accessories and customizing, and though some cosplay costumes are easily obtained online, many of the outfits can be made at home.

For women and men there are numerous options available for those who want the durability and reliability of PVC costumes.  One option for women is Witchblade character Sara Pezzini, a sexy twist on her character’s look allows for a cosplay costume that is absolutely stunning; a fire engine red vinyl mini dress complete with color coordinated long gloves and thigh high boots, oh, and not to mention the Witchblade replica itself.

This sexy cosplay look can easily be created by either purchasing the patent vinyl items separately, as a whole, or simply using one’s own skilled hands.  The great thing about cosplay is that you do not have to be exactly replicating a character, as long as you are immolating that character in ways that are easily recognizable, being a little abstract in your representation is okay.

Catwoman vinyl fabric.A couple other great options for women are Catwoman, Cammy from Streetfighter, and Silk Spectre of the Watchmen.  These cosplay options are beautiful and powerful; who wouldn’t want to be Catwoman?  Catwoman is such a powerful image in itself that it would feel like an honor to wear a patent vinyl replica of the Catwoman costume to a cosplay convention.

Cammy  is a cute vinyl option for those looking for something a little less powerful yet still stiking.  A cute little electric blue bathing-suit styled outfit with a high collar.  Pair this outfit with a cute pair of bright red gloves, a red beret, and you have yourself a completed Cammy costume.  Silk Spectre is a great choice for a cosplay costume the fits between the power of Catwoman and the cute look of Cammy.  A great Silke Spectar cosplay costume is of yellow patent faux leather with black patent faux leather trimming and detailing, long vinyl gloves, and knee high patent PVC boots.

Mens vinyl cosplay costume.Men can enjoy many different styles of cosplay costumes as well.  A few options are: the Nite Owl from Watchmen, Pikachu from Pokemon, and D. Gray Man.  These cosplays are derived from different genres, and they all have very different yet interesting looks.  A Pikachu cosplay can go very cheesy and like a giant mascot costume or it can go to an over the top yet sexy look for men.

For those guys brave enough to dare, grab up a Pikachu costume that is only made of bright yellow short shorts with a lightning bolt tail attached, a pair of giant yellow patent vinyl boots, and a large Pikachu head mask.  Or get a little dark with Nite Owl, and create a one of a kind cosplay outfit that exudes power and strength.  This look can be completed with textured and padded matte vinyl in brown metallic with a Nite Owl helmet.  D. Gray Man is even more mysterious, with an all black patent faux leather dress-like uniform with flaring sleeves, and white vinyl accents.  This sexy and ambiguous cosplay costume is one that will have the ladies drooling.

Cosplay is all about having fun and finding those looks that no one else dares to try.  Even if you are new to the ideas of cosplay, check out a convention and you will see a multitude of high quality faux leather costumes that will far exceed your expectations.  Trust that the fans know a good quality costume when they see one.

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